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Who We Are

Certa Dux is a best-in-class cloud implementation company, whose general partners have served many Fortune 500 clients and hundreds of other businesses around the world. From some of the largest and well-known, to smaller ones we believe you’ll know soon, we provide clients with exceptional cloud implementation and general technology services.

As the Certa Dux name implies, our goal is to become your Trusted Advisor. Everything we do is driven by this goal. As a mid-sized firm with the skills of a large integrator, we will strive to give you the best of both worlds, delivering the highest quality of work without the additional costs typically associated with large integrators.

Our Goal

We not only aim to be the most impactful partner possible for every one of our clients, we also promise to deliver the best experience in Cloud implementation within your company. Our focused consulting methodology is uniquely designed to help you implement Vlocity and extend it with custom applications and integrations.

Our Expertise

Our deep industry expertise in Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, Financial Services, Energy, and Public Sector rivals our major integrator competitors. Our service area leaders come from some of the largest and most respected consulting firms around the world. And our experts provide unrivalled cloud implementation, integration, and advisory capabilities that allow us to bring world-class business and technology practices across industries.

Our Team

Our team is agile, fast, and armed with a creative vision. An idea from conception to POC to full deployment is executed methodically and at the speed of cloud. We recognize that our clients expect this and the market demands it. We also recognize that the “First Mover Advantage” is critical in this space. Our team is dedicated to helping you become more connected and collaborative, better manage your customer relationships, streamline your IT processes, and generally improve business operations.

Why Work With Us?

The Certa Dux Advantage

The Certa Dux team is both yours and our greatest advantage. Our talent is elite, highly specialized, and one of a kind. Unlike many consultancy firms who employ junior resources, at Certa Dux, you will only ever work with senior-level consultants who you can fully trust to deliver on your project with the highest level of skill and experience. Not only that, we prioritize getting in and out of your company with a successful implementation as quickly as possible so you realize value fast.


To excel in the Cloud, you need to be FAST. We respond fast; we implement fast; we impact fast; we problem-solve fast; and we think fast. We believe that speed is a defining aspect of our culture.


Being reliable means we fulfill all our commitments all the time, from simple follow-ups to ensuring we always do everything in our power to complete projects on-time and within budget.


We believe that honesty, integrity, and directness is not only the “right” way to conduct business, we also think it is the most productive and efficient way to drive rapid organizational growth. We choose our clients as much as they choose us, and we do so based on their values and ability to execute at the pace, efficiency, and level of effectiveness that we are committed to.


Many of us have left very significant roles within larger organizations because they cannot move fast enough in the current technology environment to stay relevant. We have chosen to partner with Vlocity for exactly this reason. Vlocity allows us to iterate and implement solutions quickly for problems you have today and problems you have in your horizon, ensuring your business stays modern and relevant.

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